Monday, 14 January 2013

Galway Skeptics Meeting 14 JAN 2013 (2013! We made it)

Hello all,

we had another great meeting of the Galway SITP! We discussed all manner of things related directly, peripherally and not at all to our supposed topic, "Cults and New Age Movements".

Yolande provided us with a jumping off point with a list of top ten cults and brought us around to cycling, $cientology, doomsday cults, mormons and more.

Podge wants to bring our attention to this fund raising activity in aid of St. Jude's Children's Hospital. It's all in honour of Dr. Burzynski's 70th Birthday - look, it's complicated. :) Follow the link through or come join us on our Facebook Page for more details. We're going to make a mass donation in the name of Galway Skeptics. Get in touch with us on the Facebook Page or via email if you want to help them out!

Come join us on the 28th for more Galway Skeptics in the Pub!